About Us

Mega Arms Malaysia

Mega Arms Malaysia is one of the leading firearms and ammunition companies in Malaysia, offering a diverse range of top-tier weaponry and ammunition designed to meet the rigorous demands of shooters, hunters, and military personnel. We offer a comprehensive array  of shotguns, handguns and military rifles, each tailored to provide superior performance and accuracy. Our unwavering dedication to excellence positions us as the preferred choice for those who seek reliability and precision in their firearms and ammunition.

In addition to our firearms and ammunition, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories and parts designed to enhance performance and customization options.


MEGASTAR is the flagship ammunition brand of Mega Arms Malaysia, produced within the nation’s borders. MEGASTAR offers an extensive selection of cartridges tailored to a wide spectrum of calibres. Each round is a product of precise craftsmanship and stringent quality assurance processes, designed to deliver unmatched consistency and reliability. MEGASTAR ammunition is engineered to perform at the highest level, ensuring that every shot counts whether in the field or on the range. Our dedication to excellence is not just a standard, it is our promise to every customer who chooses MEGASTAR for their shooting needs.

Our Mission

To deliver world-class firearms and ammunition that blend traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, satisfying the demands of professional shooters, hunters, law enforcement and military personnel.

Our Vision

To establish Mega Arms Malaysia as the hallmark of excellence in ammunition manufacturing, proudly producing superior quality cartridges locally in Malaysia. We aim to set a new standard in the arms industry, where our locally-crafted MEGASTAR ammunition is recognized globally for its quality fostering national pride and international acclaim.

Core Values


We take pride in our national heritage and strive to reflect that pride in every locally manufactured product.


We uphold the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct, ensuring that our operations and products meet regulatory requirements.


Our promise to our customers is the assurance of consistent quality and precision.

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